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Wed Oct 19, 2011, 10:02 PM
Gamer IFO
My gamer name is Kamikaze KO1. I like to play Xbox, read, draw and writing. On left 4 dead (1&2) I am called Master Kamikaze Koi, on many other games I play a character with the name Orrick or Zaqui.

Game rules:
1) New game or new to you? Just go for the hardest lvl first to quickly shorten your noob playing style.
2) Don't peek at your achievements!! This gives the player the joy of the game before hunting for achievements.
3) Play the way you are. If your good at stealth find a way to be stealthy, same for rushing head first (for some games rushing is not a good idea, no matter how good you are).
4) Did you just do that? If it sounds fun do it; so go out and bash that boss to death, or kill something or many things in ways that others have not.
5) Your best rival is you. Sometimes trying to out think the game gets you killed sooner, leaving the game for a day or two is okay and does not make you a noob.   
I like to read the Ranger's Apprentice, Gears of war, and The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme. The Ranger's Apprentice is a kid's book but a good one. It's about a young boy named Will who has no parents in a mid-evil world with monsters, knights and Rangers. The book has no magic say for myth like what surrounds the mystery's Rangers. Will is chosen to be a Ranger's apprentice who soon found out just what this rumored wizards working for the king are really like.  Gears of War books are basted off of one of the best games for the Xbox. It fills in the gaps between gears of war 1 and 2 as well as 2 and 3. The books fill in more information about the female girls Sam, Anna and Boomer lade as Colt train calls her. The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme is a book about a young Nain boy called Ven who is the son of a famous ship builder. Ven is then lost from home, he finds himself on an island known as Serendair; but, winds up in jail for murder and theft.

I like to draw girls that match what I find most attractive in a woman, like those that are emotional, kind, sweet, smart, long hair, lovely eyes and in a lovely dress or skirt. Wall guys are still too hard for me to draw as well as girls; I will keep trying until I can.

I have many ideas for fan fiction and stories of my own like The Broken Moon, Rigit, and others that just don't have a name yet. The Broken Moon is about a land ruled by a Lycan Empire. These are not the typical werewolves, these are lycans. In the story Lycans are born into the curse wall werewolves' bight others to pass on the curse. The main character is Zaqui Hunts, a lycan that is very low on the line for the lycan thrown or what they call High- Alpha. Hunts finds himself a wanted fugitive from his own people, after losing his family and oldest childhood friend only has his best friend Vertigo the next one to be High-alpha. But wall hiding becomes the least of his trouble when unknown monsters sweep the empire. Zaqui has to help his best friend and his people that want his head or look out for himself. Rigit does not have a story line right now.


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United States
In the dark the light is easy to find,
unless you do not wish to find the light,
then the light is nowhere to be found.

Favourite genre of music: not rap

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